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Okawari Homework Pass

Route spoilers and CGs under the cut! Also, this is going to be extremely long so definite TL;DR warning. Also image heavy!

@gareki-wife this is so long I don’t know if you will want to read it lol 

Yomis route starts out with Rin thinking about their relationship and how much she loves Yomi. Rin goes to find Yomi and finds him reading, she invites him to go see the sakura with her. He says yes and asks about lunch. Rin tells him she will make a box lunch for them. They get to the sakura viewing and Rin is all excited and Yomi tells her to calm down. Rin tells him but it’s so beautiful and he tells her she will fall down. Just as she is protesting to that, she of course falls and he grabs her arm and says he told her so. She apologizes and he tells her if she understands that then be careful.

Yomi asks if she is hungry and she tells him yes so they decide to rest and eat. They decide to return home and on the way Rin thinks to herself how she wants to hold his hand but is too embarrassed to ask him. He asks why she is so restless and she gets angry and tries to walk ahead [really, Rin? lol] he grabs and holds her hand and she says she isn’t angry anymore [lol omg] he’s all “what?!?!” and goes to let go of her hand she yells not to let go and she confesses she actually wanted to hold his hand [see my babies are already delivering] and Yomi tells her to say so sooner instead of getting angry [lol right?]

School begins again and there is a rumor of a transfer student. Rin wonders who it could be and Yomi doesn’t really care. Ibuki comes in and wonders why it seems Rin and Yomi are closer now and when Uta tries to tell him they are dating, Yomi covers his mouth and tells Ibuki not to mind it, it’s nothing. The scene goes into a flashback of Rin asking Yomi if he wants to tell the class about them dating and he tells her he wants to keep it a secret. The scene returns to the present and Rin is wondering to herself why Yomi wants that.

The teacher comes in and in walks Asagi! Uta, Ibuki, and Suou all tease Rin asking if she fell in love at first sight which she denies while Yomi is looking salty as hell!Asagi tells her hello and asks her to show him to the gym which she says yes and Yomi again is looking pretty salty. After class Ibuki tells Asagi he will show him around school and Rin tells him she will too and they invite the rest but Yomi gets angry and says he is going home. Later when Rin and Uta get home Gin asks why Yomi wasn’t with them this time and Uta says because he is a brat and Rin tells Gin she doesn’t know.

Rin tries to ask Yomi why he went ahead today but he tells her to be quiet because it is time for Tsuzuri to study. He teaches Tsuzuri math and Rin tells Yomi he is an amazing teacher which makes Yomi embarrassed. Late that night Yomi finds Rin downstairs drinking tea. She gives Yomi some tea and starts talking about the group guiding Asagi around after school while Yomi scowls. Rin tells him something is strange with him today and asks him why he really returned before her today.She tells Yomi if he doesn’t tell her she can’t understand and he says why can’t she understand it and gets up and leaves.

The next few days are awkward between them and then at school Asagi asks Rin if there is shop she can recommend for him. Some girl asks Yomi to teach her the math problem and when he does she tells him he is so good at teaching and he thanks her. This causes Rin to think to herself about how he called her annoying when she told him the same thing. Uta comes in and mentions how lately Yomi has become popular with the girls. Later that night Asagi comes to have dinner which Yomi is visibly upset about. Asagi talks about how he has a guardian because his parents are no longer around. They talk about a writer who writes about ayakashi and that gets Yomi to speak up and ask if it is the same one he reads which Asagi tells him yes. Rin tells Yomi she wants to borrow the books he has of it. Asagi suddenly asks if those two are dating and they both panic which causes Asagi to realize he was right and promises not to tell anyone.

That night Rin goes to Yomis room to borrow the book they were all talking about. Yomi tells her about the book and kisses her afterward and she tells him she wants to tell the class but he says no. She wants to know the reason. He asks if there is any other reason and she thinks to herself that it’s because he is embarrassed. She tells him goodnight and leaves. The next morning Yomi is wondering to himself why Rin looked so depressed when he told her no and that he doesn’t understand human feelings well at all.

A few days later a girl drops something in class and Yomi hands it back. He notices she is reading the same book he and Rin talked about so he asks her about it and they happily chat about it. Rin notices and is not happy and Asagi asks her why she looks so scary and smiles and says the boyfriend is very popular. The teacher passes out the career hope form and Rin wonders what she wants to do. Asagi asks her what’s wrong and she tells him she doesn’t know what to do after graduation and asks him what he wants to do. Asagi tells her he wants to become a doctor.

Later when Rin gets home she discovers Guren is there [(ლ `Д ́)ლ] and asks him why on earth he is there. He asks Rin to come sit next to him and she refuses. Gin tells her not to worry because he is there as a guest today. Guren grabs her and has her sit next to him and asks her what is wrong. She talks to him about the career form. Guren asks if she is going to separate from Yomi after high school for her career and she tells him no. Guren asks then what is she going to do. She tells him she hasn’t thought about it clearly or talked to Yomi about it.

Uta and Yomi come home and see Guren and Rin tries tell him Guren is there as a guest but Guren gets up and tells Rin to think about it and leaves. Yomi immediately asks her what he is talking about but she blows him off and says she is going to help Gin right now. Later that night Yomi finds her drinking tea again. He again asks her what Guren was talking about and she tells him it was the career form. Yomi asks her what she is going to do and she tells him she hasn’t decided and asks about him. He tells her it is unrelated to him since he is ayakashi. She tells him maybe so but it relates to her. Yomi tells her she needs to think about herself and she tells him she wants to be with him. Yomi tells her she needs to think more seriously and this causes another fight between them. She tells him that is terrible and he gets mad and says he is going back to his room and she asks why and he rudely replies that he doesn’t want to see her face.

Yomis inner monologue tells us that he doesn’t understand why Rin thinks that way, she is human and can go anywhere and he can’t leave this village. He loves Rin and wants to be with her but he doesn’t want her narrowing her future down for him [okay dude, then why not explain that to her instead of the mean stuff you said!!!!] Days go by and they still haven’t made up and everyone at home notices and tells Rin to hurry and make up with Yomi. When she gets to school Ibuki mentions her not coming with Yomi today and that it’s better for Yomi because he is so popular right now. After school he gets called out by a girl and Rin decides to leave for home.

On the way home she runs into Guren. He tells her if being with Yomi is exhausting she can always come to him. She said it is not what he is saying and he laughs and tells her she is as strong minded as ever and asks her what is going on then. She tells him and he basically tells her that she needs to tell Yomi how she feels if she wants him to understand. Guren comes really close to Rin and she asks him what he is doing and just then Yomi shows up yelling at Guren. Guren tells Yomi he needs to take better care and Yomi grabs Rin and pulls her to the shrine and yells at her, telling her she needs to be more cautious because that is the guy who kidnapped her.

Rin tells him it’s the same thing with him. He is recently popular with girls and it makes her jealous so they are both jealous and Yomi asks her if she felt that way and she says because it upsets her to think Yomi could get taken away and starts crying. Yomi tells her not to cry and wipes her tears. She apologizes for crying and he tells her he has a reason for recently talking to that girl. He doesn’t understand humans feelings so he thought if he talked to all of them he would understand better. He also tells her the reason he didn’t want to tell the class about them dating is because everyone would make fun of them. He said it is fine if they make fun of him but he would absolutely hate it if Rin were made fun of.

Rin calls him an idiot and tells him he needs to speak the reason to her properly from the beginning if he wants her to understand his feelings. Yomi grabs her and hugs her and tells her that goes for her too. He tells her he is mad that she told Guren before him about the career course and she apologizes. The make up and laugh about how alike they actually are. They promise to speak properly from now on and then say they have made up and Yomi tries to do the handshake but she said no, they are lovers now and he tells her they are outside though but she asks him please and he gives in and kisses her as a sign of reconciliation.

They hear a rustling in the bushes and discover they are being spied on by God, Asagi, Uta, Suou, and Ibuki. They say how good it is that they made up and Rin thanks them to which Yomi yells at her that these guys were spying on them so be a little more angry and don’t thank them. Ibuki tells them he wants to hear it properly from them about going out and they both embarrassingly admit it. Ibuki fangirls over it and Suou remarks how embarrassing of a guy he is. God calls Yomi over and he tells Rin to go ahead without him. Rin asks Uta about it and he said it’s probably about Yomi going out with a human.

Back to Yomi and God. Yomi apologizes to him for not reporting it to him. God tells him it is fine but does he realize the future in being with a human? and does he still wish to stay with her knowing that? Yomi tells him yes and God tells him that is a good answer and he hopes for their happiness and Yomi thanks him. Later Yomi goes to Rins room and asks what she is doing, she tells him she was reading the book borrowed from him. She tells him it is unusual for him to come to her room and invites him to sit on the bed. He tells her there is a talk he wants to have with her.

Yomi tells her today that he was confessed to. He tells her he was surprised because he didn’t think any other human but Rin would like him. Rin tells him that he is reliable, nice, and handsome. Those are his merits and so he has a lot to like about him. He tells her he still doesn’t understand humans even with reading books so for her to tell him all her thoughts and she agrees and he surprise kisses her and then leaves.

Inner monologue of Yomi. The past few days of talking with her has caused his chest to become noisy and warm. The next day at school as soon as they walk in together everyone starts in on them for not saying anything about going out. Ibuki told everyone and Yomi is PISSED. Ibuki gets scared and runs away lol. Back at home Manatsu is there and he congratulates her on her love with Yomi and tells her Yomi is a good man so he is sure he will treasure her. She tells him she wants to treasure Yomi too and goes on to say how he envies mutual love.

Days later, Rin and Yomi are under the dead sakura tree talking about the book. Then she lays down in Yomis lap and he tells her not to do things without asking and she falls asleep. Yomi says there’s no helping it and then strokes her hair.

It’s now summer so they are all wearing their summer school uniforms and Yomi tells Rin her skirt is too short and she tells him it is cuter that way. He tells her to lengthen her skirt some more. Rin says she likes it the way it is and he tells her no good she asks why and he says he isn’t saying. Uta starts cracking up and starts telling Rin what is going on, Yomi yells at him to shut up but Uta tells her anyway, Yomi doesn’t want other guys seeing her bare legs and Yomi gets extremely embarrassed and tries to leave ahead of them but Tsuzuri stops him and say no good. He has to eat breakfast with everyone so Yomi gives in. While eating breakfast Rin takes notice of how nice of arms Yomi has and he asks her why she is staring and she tells him it’s nothing.

On their way to school Rin asks Yomi if he is okay since it is so hot out and he isn’t good with that. He says he is fine. Later while Rin is serving guests at home, Yomi gets back and she asks where he was and he tells her he was over at Asagis and she makes a mental note that he has been over there a lot lately. He tells her he is just talking to him about the books.

Days later Rin is in school wondering what she should do after graduation, stay in the village or go to the city for school. She wants to talk to Yomi about it. On the walk home from school she tries to talk to Yomi about it but as soon as she starts a huge wind blows in and Guren comes and tells them he has something he wants to consult Rin about so they all go back home.

Once home, Yomi asks Guren what it is he wanted to consult about and Guren tells them he found a new bride. They both are shocked and Rin asks if she is human. Guren says yes and then tells her it is a girl who has been coming to the tengu shrine for a few months. He tells them at first he wasn’t interested but then after a while he started to wonder if she could see ayakashi so one day he went up to her and told her he was ayakashi and she said somehow she knew that and he asked her if he was scary. When she told him no he asked her name and she told him Chiori. He asked her why she has been coming there everyday [tengu shrine is not visited  by people] she said she heard the story of the shrine from her grandmother and wanted to see it. After that they began talking like friends.

Yomi asks how he plans to make her his bride and he said of course by kidnapping her and Rin yells at him that that is no good and he asks why [Guren being a tengu doesn’t understand this basic principle] Rin explains that if he did that, instead of her loving him she would hate him. Guren says basically after a while she will come to love him. She tries to explain it but realizes he just doesn’t understand. Yomi asks where the girl lives and what kind of person she is and Guren tells them he doesn’t know. All he knows is her name. Yomi asks him how he can think she would be a good bride and Guren says because he likes her. They make him promise not to go kidnapping her and to continue talking to them about it later. He agrees and leaves.

After he leaves Rin tells Yomi that unless Guren does this properly it won’t end in his happiness and that she will look for Chiori before Guren kidnaps her. Yomi tells her that is a good idea and then asks her what she was going to talk to him about before Guren showed up and she told him she wanted to talk about the career form. He asks her if there is anything she wants to do and she tells him she is not sure but she doesn’t want to live with regrets. Yomi tells her that is good and there is no hurry so to think about it carefully. She asks him about how he said it doesn’t relate to him and he said because he can’t leave the village so Rin asks him even if he were to ask God? But Yomi doesn’t say anything and Uta comes to get them for lunch.

That night Rin is worrying about not knowing what she wants to do with her life and she has a dream in which she can’t see but feels that it is Yomi from when he was younger. The next day she begins her search for Chiori. She and Yomi decide to start at school and they ask Ibuki if he knows anyone with that name. Ibuki asks if they know someone with that name and Rin tells him it is an acquaintance that she wants to meet again. Ibuki tells her there is a Chiori who does work at his shrine and she goes to the school, too and tells her she is a year below so she and Yomi run off to find her.

They find her in class and Rin asks if recently she has been going to the tengu shrine. She tells them yes and wonders how they know so Yomi tells her they know Guren and she is confused on who Guren is until Yomi tells her he is the tengu ayakashi and she said oh yes, she didn’t know his name. Rin can’t believe Guren didn’t even introduce himself but Yomi tells her that is exactly just like Guren. Chiori asks Rin if she can see ayakashi then and she says yes and Yomi tells her he is ayakashi. Rin tells her she is human and Chiori tells her she is also and has been able to see ayakashi since childhood because it run in her bloodline but she has kept it a secret from everyone. Rin tells Chiori to keep it a secret that Yomi is ayakashi and she tells her okay. The bell rings so they go back to class.

Rin tells Yomi that Chiori is a good girl and that they have to do everything in their power to make sure Guren doesn’t kidnap her. Days later while Rin is walking home Guren shows up and he starts talking about kidnapping Chiori again so Rin yells at him for it. Guren tells her Chiori is still coming to the shrine and cleaning it every day. Guren teases her about her and Yomis relationship and she gets angry and leaves him there. When she gets home she is still majorly pissed and yelling about the situation to herself so it confuses Gin, Uta, and scares poor Tsuzuri lol. When Yomi gets home Gin asks him to talk to Rin and he asks why so Gin tells him that she came home really angry so Yomi says he will talk with her after dinner.

After dinner Yomi goes to Rins room. She tells Yomi about Guren saying she and Yomi are just playing house. Yomi asks if she met Guren and she tells him yes after school and then imitates his voice [im dying you guys!] lol Yomi tells her she doesn’t sound like Guren and she tells him that isn’t the point! Yomi tells her to let people say whatever they want and that both of them know they are not just playing house. Rin says okay. All she cares about is Yomis feelings. Then she teases him about him blushing and he tells her to shut up and pinches her cheeks [ah, just like old times! I love it] so she pinches his back lol

They end up falling on the bed and Uta walks in and gets the wrong idea and starts screaming [dying right now dude] and that causes Gin and Tsuzuri to come in too and everyone gets the wrong idea. Rin and Yomi start panicking and telling them they are mistaken and Gin tells them that even though they are in a relationship, they need to keep it on a nice, beautiful level [Gins way of saying no sex] lol he and Tsuzuri leave and Uta says he is leaving too and how surprsed he was.

When they leave Rin tells Yomi it is his fault and he said she was the one who teased him first. So Rin apologizes and says how embarrassed she is over them misunderstanding things. Yomi tells her he will take the blame for it and she tells him he is so cool and Yomi gets embarrassed and then Rin mentions how red Utas face was and starts cracking up which makes Yomi start laughing too. Later that night we hear Yomis thoughts and he is remembering Rin asking why the career form doesn’t relate to him and how Rin looked a little unhappy about it. Yomis says to himself that up until now he has accepted his fate but after meeting Rin he has begun to doubt it a little and how he wants to approach humans and Rin more.

The next day while Rin is working at home Guren shows up and she is still mad at him so Guren tells her he is sorry [WHUT?AM I DREAMING?] and Rin is as shocked as me when he does. He tells her thought all night and has understood. He says it appears she was right, he is indeed falling in love. Rin is surprised and Guren tells her that he wants her to teach him the other methods instead of kidnapping. Rin is in a daze because of his words so he asks if she heard him and she snaps out of it and says yes and that Yomi will be home soon so for them to all talk and for the time being how about he eats so she makes him food.

Yomi gets home and is filled in on things. He asks Guren if he is totally sure about his love and asks him if he is sure it isn’t just because Rin influenced it. Guren tells him it’s not because of Rin. Yomi tells him that love between an ayakashi and a human is not easy. That makes Rin wonder to herself if she is a burden for Yomi. Just then Yomi takes her hand and tells Guren he is prepared to take care of Rin, does he have that same conviction toward Chiori. Guren tells them he isn’t sure but being like those two would be a good thing. Rin tells Yomi that since Guren is serious she would like to help him out. Yomi is silent for a minute then says, if Guren doesn’t hurt anyone then he will help out. Guren says he understands.

Yomi tells Guren he and Rin know where Chiori is but won’t tell him anything just yet. He wants them to talk to her first and find some things out. Guren asks them since he can’t kidnap her then what should he do. Rin tells him to talk to Chiori like a friend for starters and she will think of a strategy. She tells him to give it some time and he says okay and leaves. Yomi says this is going to be difficult because it is Gurens first love. Rin tells Yomi that his words a little while ago really made her happy. She tells him she will defend him too and He said he will be the one defending. She tells him it is no use because she has already decided it.

The training of Guren starts and right off the bat he fails the first time by inadvertently insulting Chiori which he doesn’t even realize until he tells the story to Rin and Yomi and they tell him it was him who was wrong. Yomi comments to Rin that this is going to be full of trouble since Guren is an idiot and still doesn’t understand why they are saying it was him who was wrong. Yomi tells him exactly what should have been said and Guren is in disbelief. Yomi tells Rin this is serious. Rin tells Guren to try and speak with her again and then report back. He says okay.

The next day Guren comes and Rin asks how it went today. Guren tells them it went well today and both are very skeptical so Guren recalls the scene to them and just like they thought, he screwed up yet again. Rin sternly tells Guren he needs to pay attention to Chioris appearance more. Guren asks what she means and she tells him to pay attention to facial expressions so he will better understand how Chiori feels. Rin says she is tired out and Guren says falling in love is going to be difficult. Rin agrees and tells him how Rin and Yomi still have fights but they love each other anyway. Guren says he understands and will pay more attention and leaves. Rin wonders aloud if Guren really does understand. Yomi tells her it seems he has properly listened to her.

Days later Guren finally returns to their home and Guren tells them that Chiori has not shown up at the shrine so he hasn’t been able to see her. Rin says she is kinda worried because of that so they decide to go find her tomorrow at school. They find her at school and tell her they were worried because Guren said she hadn’t been going to the shrine lately. Chiori tells them her body isn’t very strong when it is hot so she had to rest for a while. Rin invites Chiori to go somewhere with her, Yomi, and Guren because Guren has been lonely since she has been gone. Yomi says he guesses there is no way he can refuse and he agrees to go too. Back in their classroom Rin apologizes to Yomi for inviting him without asking him first. He’s says it’s fine and that she is seriously supporting Guren. Rin says this will be a double date and it embarrasses Yomi.

Back at home Rin fill Guren in on the double date. Guren is excited that they are going to be in a human town and Yomi tells him he can’t dress like that [lol Yomi you dress like an old man tho] Guren asks him what he means and he tells him he needs to appear human. Guren says he understands. Rin says she is looking forward to this. Later that night while Yomi is helping Tsuzuri with his homework Yomi asks Rin why she is so absentminded. Rin says she wants to talk in a little bit so Yomi says okay.

After dinner they go outside and Yomi asks her what she wants to talk about. Rin tells him that while watching Yomi help Tsuzuri with his homework she remembered a dream she had of when she was little and how her mom wasn’t home, and didn’t take care of her and that her grandmother was the one who taught her. She tells Yomi she wants to become a teacher. Yomi tells her that sounds good and Rin tells him it will require her leaving the village. Yomi tells her there is something he wants to say. He tells her he wants to study literature. He tells her that all those visits to Asagis house he was learning stuff and that he wants to write a book some time. Rin says that is a nice dream and Yomi gets embarrassed. Yomi tells her he is going to talk to God about it and then kisses her.

Summer vacation starts and Rin is complaining of how hot it is. Yomi tells her to hurry and finish her homework or she can’t go out and play. Guren comes to report to them. He tells them lately Chiori has been laughing and how they saw the stars together. Yomi tells Guren he has been working hard. They all meet up and take the train to the next city. Chiori asks Guren if this is his first time there and he tells her yes this is the first time leaving Momiji village. Rin asks Yomi what about him and he tells her it is his first time also. Rin suggests going to see a movie so they all go to the cinema. After the movie Guren and Yomi excitedly talk about it.

Next up is the shopping mall. Guren is surprised at all the people there. Rin has Guren pick some clothing out for Chiori and when she says she likes it he tells her he will buy it for her. Rin tells him he can not steal here [lol] and he tells her he has money, he came prepared. Chiori tells Rin that she should have Yomi pick for her now and that is when they realize Yomi isn’t there. Rin tells Chiori to wait for Guren while she goes to find Yomi. She finds Yomi outside and calls his name but he doesn’t hear her so she says it again and again he doesn’t hear her. She wonders to herself why he is so absentminded and then calls his name louder and he finally hears her.

Rin asks him what is wrong and he says the sounds are so loud. Rin explains that this is the city so the atmosphere is different than the village. Yomi suggests they should get back with Guren and Chiori so they return. Next they go to the sea. It’s Guren and Yomis first time seeing the sea and Yomi comments on how large it is. Both Chiori and Rin say those two seem like kids. Rin asks Chiori how today was and she tells her she had fun and thanks for inviting her. Rin asks her what she thinks of Guren and Chiori tells her she thinks he is a good man.

On the way home Guren and Yomi both fall asleep on the train which makes the girls sleepy too and they also fall asleep. Back at home Rin tells Yomi she had fun today and that she will see him at dinner. Back in his room we get his monlogue. He’s thinking about how different the city is from Momiji. He thinks he might be trouble to Rin if he were to go to the city with her and then says but he wants to protect her.

Several days later, Uta invites Rin and Yomi to the river. On the way they meet up with Ibuki, Suou, and God. Once at the river, the kappa who is in love with Rin shows up. Ibuki of course goes into fangirl mode over the kappa and the kappa squeals about Rin being there and says today no one will take her away. Yomi steps in and the kappa tells him and Uta not to get in the way. Yomi tells him Rin is his. LOL The kappa is so shocked that he throws himself into the river.

Uta asks Rin about lunch and she tells him there is box lunch. After lunch Yomi finds Rin off by herself and Rin asks where everyone else is and he tells her they are off trying to catch bugs. Yomi tells her he thinks he is going to look for a way to keep studying in the village rather than the city and Rin tells him there is no univeristy here. Yomi tells her there is a teacher there though and Rin tells him she thinks he could write a great book in the city with her. He tells her being around that many humans is unpleasant. She tells him but she has to go to the city. Yomi asks her about returning and she says she’ll come back but it would take four years and wants him to come with her. He tells her he is not accustomed to the city and she would have to support him too much. Rin says that isn’t so and he tells her he thought about it while they were in the city that day.

After some convincing from Rin, Yomis says he wants to go with her to study. Rin tells him that they should talk to God together. After leaving the riverbank Yomi tells God there is something he wants to talk about. Uta asks if he should leave and Yomi tells him no, he wants him to hear this too. He tells Uta and God he wants to go with Rin to univeristy and study literature. Uta is shocked that Yomi wants to go. Uta asks if Rin is going to university and she tells him yes, she wants to study to be an elementary school teacher. Yomi says of course they plan to return. He says he doesn’t just want to learn about literature, he wants to learn about a lot of different things.

God was silent the whole time and then tells them to go ahead and go. There is a lot of savings at the shrine. They happily thank God and Uta says to leave protecting Momiji to him. Yomi apologizes to Uta and Uta teases him and tells him not to cry. Yomi says he is not going to cry and Uta tells Rin to please continue taking care of Yomi. Rin agrees.

At the end of summer they all go to the riverbank to do fireworks. While there, a wind blows and Rin feels something bad is going on. Right after that an ayakashi grabs up Rin and starts talking about how she is going to eat her and takes her into the sky. Guren shows up and rescues her but she loses consciousness. Back at home Rin is still asleep and Yomi is praying for her to hurry and wake up and apologizing for not being able to save her. Later Rin wakes up and Yomi asks if she is okay and says he is sorry for not being able to save her. He tells her that she must not leave his side from now on and she says okay and hugs her.

The night before the new semester starts Rin and Yomi tell Gin about their future plans to go to the city and study after graduation and ask for his approval. He tells them yes with pleasure and that if God okayed it then there is no reason for Gin to hold Yomi back and that Yomi should go into the city and learn lots of new things. The new school term starts and Yomi helps Rin study and she tells him he is an amazing teacher. After studying for four hours they decide to take a break.

They end up going to the tengu shrine because they haven’t seen Guren in a while. There they see Guren giving Chiori a flower. Rin tells Yomi that Guren has a cute side and Yomi doesn’t see it. They decide not to interrupt those two and return. On the way back Rin asks to hold his hand and then ask if that is no good and he says no way because he wanted to hold her hand too [squealing] Along the way they see something about a festival and Yomi tells her about it. He asks if she wants to go and she asks if that is okay since they have to study. Yomi tells her they will study all the way up until the festival.

The next morning Yomi oversleeps so Rin goes ahead to school without him. At the gate she meets Chiori. 

Chiori asks where Yomi is and Rin tells her he overslept and since she has day duty she had to leave before him. Chiori awkwardly asks Rin to go to the festival with her but Rin tells her she already promised Yomi. Chiori says of course, she meant with all four of them again. When she tells Yomi he is a little upset because he wanted it to be just the two of them. She apologizes and he says it’s okay because they agreed to assist Guren but next time it is going to be just them two. He pats her on the head and Uta and Suou see it and tease Yomi about it.

Day of the festival Gin dresses Rin up in a yukata and she asks where he got it and he tells her it was Sumis [her grandmother]Gin tells her surely Yomi will be pleased to see her in this. When she goes downstairs the three guys are all shocked and Uta says “you were actually a woman” [lol you idiot] and pokes her so she pokes him back. Yomi hasn’t said anything and she calls his name. He tells her lets hurry up and go.

On the way there Yomi notices something is wrong and asks her she tells him she isn’t used to the clogs. Yomi says they will walk slowly. They meet up with Guren and Chiori and proceed to the festival. First they eat, then play the goldfish game. Yomi drags Rin off after that and Rin asks him what is going on. He tells her that this way Chiori and Guren can be alone for a bit and that he actually just wants to be alone with her too.

They sit on some steps and Yomi is quiet so Rin asks him what is wrong and he awkwardly tells her that her yukata suits her well. She thanks him and tells him she is happy to be with him. He says he is too and at first he hated humans but being with her little by little changed his mind but that it is also scary to be with her because he is scared to lose her at any minute. He says he can not live without her. She apologizes that one day she will have to leave him but she is glad she loves him and he tells her that it was a good thing that he came to love her and that she loves him and then kisses her and then kisses her again.

Guren and Chiori show up and tell them they have been looking all over for them. Rin stops mid-sentence because she notices they are holding hands and asks about it. Guren tells them yes, they are going out now. Rin congratulates them but Yomi says wait a minute and tells Chiori that Guren is selfish and arrogant and ayakashi, does she still think she wants to be with him. Chiori tells him yes, he always tries to understand me and is always nice to me. She confesses that she is actually a quarter part tengu much to their surprise. Guren says to say so sooner because now she can just be his bride. Chiori say it is still too soon for that. Rin scolds Guren. Chiori tells him about a year and half till she graduates and Guren says no way, he can’t wait that long and starts to take her off.

Just then a huge wind comes and a new bad guy shows up [HE’S FINALLY HERE!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GUY SINCE HE WAS ADDED TO THE WEBSITE!]. Yomi stands in front of Rin to protect her. He is Yatagarasu and apparently revered as a god among the ayakashi and he and Guren know each other. He asks Guren why they are with a human. Guren introduces Chiori as his bride and Yomi and Rin as his friends. Yatagarasu tells him he has changed. Guren says yeah, but these are not bad people. Yomi suddenly says they have to go and pulls Rin away.

Rin asks what is wrong. He just says that they are not needed there and they head home. Rin asks if he has ever seen Yatagarasu before. He says no, this is the first time and he doesn’t feel like he is a god either. He tells her that he has the same bad feeling he felt when they first met Guren and tells Rin she needs to be careful.

Autumn now so they have to change uniforms again and Uta forgets about this and puts on his summer one. Rin and Yomi laugh because they were just talking about Uta forgetting and wearing the wrong one. After school Guren shows up while they are studying trying to talk about Chiori and he asks if they are listening. Yomi tells him they are examination students right now so they can’t listen to love affairs at the moment. They continue to study every day.

It’s time for the schools cultural festival so their class is deciding what to do this year. The class asks Rin to handle cooking the food again this year and she agrees. Asagi tells her it must be hard since she is studying and now has to cook. Rin tells him she will work hard. Yomi asks if it is really okay for her to promise the class when she has so much studying to do. She tells him yes, it is hard but this is the last class event for her so she wants to do it. Yomi decides to help Rin out.

Late that night Rin starts working on a dish for the festival but it doesn’t turn out as expected. Yomi finds her in the kitchen and asks what she is doing at this time of night. She tells him she finally finished studying for the day and is starting the festival dish. He asks at this time of night? She tells him yes. He tells her since he finished studying too he will help her and she yells thank you to him and he tells her don’t suddenly yell like that lol

She takes her dishes to school and they finally finish the preparations for the festival. Late that night Rin is studying and tired so she slaps her cheeks to get herself back to studying. Just then Yomi knocks on the door. She asks why he isn’t asleep he says he saw the light under her door. He asks if she is going to sleep she said she will after a little more studying and he asks her if she still plans to study more tonight. Yomi asks isn’t she getting up early to take the decided food to the class so they all can taste it though. She tells him she will be okay but promises to go to bed early tomorrow so he says okay and leaves. She studies until 2am.

The next day she wakes up at 6am to get the food ready. Gin comes in and tries her food and says it is delicious and she worked hard. Later at school everyone loves the food. Rin notices she keeps getting lightheaded and Yomi asks what’s wrong but she tells him it’s nothing but minutes later she collapses. She wakes up in the school infirmary and Yomi is there. She asks why he is there and he tells her she suddenly collapsed in the hallway so of course he would be worried. She apologizes. He said sensei said it was light anemia from overworking. She tells Yomi she is sorry for worrying him and he tells her he was very worried. She thanks him for always worrying about her and he tells her of course, she is important to him and if something were to happen to her it would be troubling for him.

Rin promises to take care of herself but tells Yomi that at times like these it would be better if she were ayakashi like him and he tells her no. She says but then she wouldn’t have to leave him and he tells her that’s isn’t the problem, she is good as she is. Yomi tells her she is going to return early today and studying is prohibited. She agrees. Afterward she goes to bed early and continues the preparations and studying but doesn’t overwork herself anymore.

The day of the festival. Everyone works in the cafe the class is holding. During Yomi and Rins break Guren and Yatagarasu show up. Rin asks Yatagarasu about being interested in school festivals and Guren tells them that it is unusual for him to take this much interest. Yatagarasu tells him to shut up and this isn’t the time for that story. He comments about all the people and Rin explains to him how a school festival works. Yatagarasu says it is worthless and wonders how Guren can enjoy any of this. He asks how he can go out with a human. Does he have no pride as a tengu? He tells Guren he has become a worthless man.

Rin can’t take anymore and yells at Yatagarasu to apologize to Guren right now. Yomi steps in but it doesn’t stop Rin. She goes on to say how she likes the current Guren and if he doesn’t like it there so much, then to get out. [I love you Rin. But seriously, this is going to cause her some problems] He steps closer to her and Yomi and Guren step in to protect her. Guren tells him to knock it off. Yatagarasu asks Guren about Chiori being human and he says yes. He tells him interesting and that he has now found a new toy. Guren asks what he is thinking and he laughs and tells Rin he will seen her soon.

Yomi tells Rin to be careful of that man and Guren says yes, he hates humans. Rin asks why he would come here then and Guren says he doesn’t understand what that guy is thinking, they are not old friends, they have just known each other a long time. Guren apologizes for making them feel bad and Rin comments how he freely apologizes now. Guren tells her it is because Chiori told him when he feels bad to apologize right away. Rin asks if he is going to go to her class and he says yes and leaves. Yomi scolds Rin about rushing in by herself against Yatagarasu and she apologizes but tells him she couldn’t just be silent. Yomi tells her to just be careful.

After the festival Rin finds Yomi outside. She and Yomi agree it was fun and Yomi tells her she really worked hard. She thanks him but tells him it wasn’t just her, it was him and the rest of the class too. He tells her yeah but he watched her every day work hard and that she did a good job and pats her head. Rin asks Yomi to give her a reward for working so hard. He asks what does she want? A cake or something? She says no, she wants him to dance with her since it is special. Yomi agrees but only a little he says. He tells he doesn’t know how to dance though and steps on her foot while trying [lol] but he quickly gets the hang of it and is able to do it well.

Afterward they study as usual and one night they take a break to have tea. They talk about the time she collapsed and she apologizes again. He tells her let’s work hard so we can attend the same university.

It is winter now and the first snow and Uta starts a snowball fight with Yomi while Gin, Tsuzuri, and Rin build a snowman. One night after Yomi and Rin return home from studying Guren bursts in and asks for their help right now. Yomi asks what happened and Guren said Chiori has disappeared. Yomi tells Guren to calm down and explain from the beginning.

Gin gives him some water and he explains that she didn’t show up at the meeting place so he went to look for her and couldn’t find her anywhere. Gin says ayakashi might have had something to do with it so Rin tells Yomi they are going to go look for her. Guren tells them that Yatagarasu came to see him  and asked him what he would do if something important to him was hidden and Guren got mad and told him to leave. So Yomi thinks he might have something to do with it and asks where that guy is staying. Guren tells him in the village but doesn’t know where.

They decide to split up with Yomi searching with Rin while Guren looks by himself. They find an abandoned house and decide to check it out but Yomi tells her do not part from him at any time. Yomi feels the presence of someone and tells Rin not to move. It’s Yatagarasu. He tells them this is his hideout. He makes a joke about human/ayakashi relationships being trendy in this village.

Rin remembers Yomi telling her not to care about what others say about them because they know they love each other so she tells Yatagarasu he can say what he likes but it won’t change how she and Yomi feel about one another. Yomi says he knows how Rin felt now because now he is angry at being made a fool of. Yatagarasu goads Yomi and Yomi yells at him and tells him he knows nothing. Yatagarasu tells Rin that humans feeling change so easily. That’s just what a human is. He says ayakashi should not be swayed by that. Yatagarasu tells Yomi he must feel the same way. Yomi doesn’t answer him and Yatagarasu says how interesting. After more goading Yatagarasu says he will make Yomi a human. Yomi tells him don’t say things like that and Yatagarasu tells him don’t underestimate his power. He tells him he can make him human then he can live with Rin and die with her too. Yomi screams at him to shut up.

Guren finally shows up. Yatagarasu tells him he has been waiting for him, he was slow. He asks him why he did this to Chiori and he tells him he did it to lure out Guren and Yomi. Guren screams asking where she is. He tells him she is at the riverbanks near the tengu shrine and to go there if he wants to meet her [uh, this sounds like a trap to me] he tells him it’s cold out so he better hurry up and Guren runs off so Yomi and Rin run off too.

Guren finds Chiori and starts using his power to help her. Yomi comments to Rin about how serious Guren is. Gurens power helps save Chiori and raise her body temperature back up but she is still unconscious. On the way back Rin asks Yomi why Yatagarasu wanted to lure out Yomi and Guren but Yomi is dazed and she calls his name and he says sorry and it’s nothing so don’t worry.

Back at home Yomi is in his room recalling Yatagarasus words about turning him human. Yomi says to himself that he has thought about wanting to be human before. He thinks about how he could live and die with Rin and be happy but he has an obligation to protect Momiji village.

Several days after that they continue going to school and studying together. One afternoon Rin is trying to get Yomi to help her with translating something to English but he isn’t listening so Rin mentions that recently he has been strange. He denies it and says he’s just been studying a bit too much. Rin thinks to herself that she knows something is going on but Yomi is far to anxious to ask about it right now.

Late at night Rin is asleep but wakes up when she hears someone get up so she decides to go get a drink. She hears the door open and close and wonders who is going out at this time of night. She follows outside and sees it is Yomi. Then Yatagarasu shows up. She shocks him by calling out his name. She asks him what is wrong and he says nothing and asks why she is there. She tells him she heard a noise and asks why he is there. He obviously lies and tells her he was just getting air. He tells her it is cold outside so to go back in but once inside she can’t sleep.She is annoyed that Yomi is keeping a secret from her and finally before dawn she falls asleep. 

She continues to worry about it and Gin notices something and asks her what she is worrying about. She explains it isn’t her worry but Yomis but he won’t tell her why. Gin says that he did notice Yomi has been strange lately. Guren shows up. He says he is here to talk to Rin and Yomi so Rin goes to get Yomi. Guren wants to know if they have been in contact with Yatagarasu. Rin tells him she hasn’t. Yomi lies and says he hasn’t either. Yomi asks him why he asks so suddenly and Guren tells him he heard a bad rumor.

He tells both of them that it is been said that Yatagarasu killed an ayakashi/human couple before coming to the village and tells both of them not to trust him. Rin questions why Yatagarasu hates human/ayakashi love. Guren tells her that many things happened in his past and to take care when it comes to him. She says okay. Rin asks about Chiori and he tells her she is perfectly healthy now and says he is leaving to meet her right now.

After school one day Yomi suddenly asks Rin what she thinks about him becoming human and she asks him why he is asking that and he says he is just thinking. Rin thinks to herself that he is hiding something. She tells Yomi sure she would be happy being able to live and grow old with him but ayakashi Yomi is the one she fell in love with and loves. She tells him it is good now as it is and asks if he has been worrying about what Yatagarasu said to him. He’s says not really worrying and Rin says what if she becomes ayakashi and he laughs at her and says that would be troublesome and pats her head. She asks what he means by that. He says it means just that. Rin tells him she wants them to know more about each other so for them to talk a lot. Yomi calls her name and she looks up and he surprise kisses her and tells her he wanted to kiss her. Then he teases her that her face is red so she calls his name and says she loves him and then teases him because his face is red [omg they are adorable]

Later one day as Rin is walking she runs into Yatagarasu. He wants to talk to her. He tells her not to have such a scary face, he isn’t going to do anything. He wants her to go somewhere with him and she says no, she is in a hurry. He said it will be quick and grabs her arm. She yells at him to let go. He hits her and she goes unconscious. Back at home the guys all worry because she is late returning. Just then her protection bell that Yomi has the pair to goes off. They all run off to find her.

Back to Rin, she wakes up and Yatagarasu says finally you wake up. She sees that Chiori is also there and calls her name to make sure she is okay. Yatagarasu tells her don’t worry she isn’t dead yet. Rin demands to know why he is doing this and he tells her he hates ayakashi/human love and she asks about the rumor. He tells her it is true. He goes on to say how disgusting humans are and how he hates them and that love between the two is worthless. Rin yells at him that is isn’t worthless and he tells her to shut up and uses his power to hit her.

Rin continues to ask him about loving humans and it agitates him even more but she won’t stop. He starts choking her and tells her he has had a change of heart. He was going to kill her as the rest watched but now he wants to kill right now and kill Chiori too. He tries to hurt Chiori while she is still unconscious but Rin gets in between them. He attacks her and she passes out. Scene shows Guren there now. Yomi screaming Rins name over and over. Guren asks Yatagarasu what he is doing and he tells him he just killed a worthless human. Yomi runs over and holds Rin while she is passed out and yells her name telling her to get a grip. Rin opens her eyes and says his name.

Yomi asks if she is alright. She closes her eyes again and Yatagarasu starts laughing at Yomi asking if he now understands how worthless humans are. Yomi screams he will never forgive this and suddenly transforms into his true form and attacks Yatagarasu. Chiori wakes up and screams Rins name when she sees what state she is in. Yomi is crying. Guren tells Yomi there is only one way to save Rin. Yomi says he will do anything. Guren says “however..” but Yomi won’t hear anything of it and tells him to just save Rin. Guren pours some type of liquid on Rins wounds and Rin wakes up.

Yomi is crying and say good over and over. Chiori and Guren tell Rin it is good she woke up. Then they all look at Rin with surprise and Yomi demands to know why Rin looks like this and Guren tells him that liquid was a treasured tengu medicine for ayakashi and that it does have side effects in humans. Yomi yells at him to tell him what they are. Guren tells him that it turns human into ayakashi. Rin is shocked. Guren apologizes and says it was the only way to save Rin.

Rin calls Yomis name and he asks what and she says and I quote “I seem to have become ayakashi” but she says it in such a way that it sounds like she is telling him here’s the morning paper not a life changing thing lol. Yomi apologizes for not being able to protect her. She tells him not to apologize because she is glad and he asks her why she is glad. She tells him because now Yomi won’t be left alone and he gets teary and says “BAKA!!!” and hugs her.

Afterward they go back to the house and report to Gin and Uta. Uta tells her since it is her she will surely be able to get along with other ayakashi. Rin notices that Yomi kind of looks disturbed and she tells him since she is ayakashi now for them to live together for a long time and he starts tearing up again.

Both of them pass their exams and are now leaving for college. Gin, Uta, Tsuzuri, Manatsu, Ibuki, Suou, and Asagi are at the train station to see them off. Everyone says their farewells and tell the two of them to make sure they return. On the train Rin tells Yomi best regards for the future and he says yes.

In the epilogue,  it is Yomi and Rins wedding day. Rin tells Yomi that with this they are now a married couple. Yomi said the day he started going out with her he prepared himself to take care of her and now that she is ayakashi she will live long. Rin says yes, she thinks becoming ayakashi was a good thing. Rin tells Yomi best regards forever and he returns those words.

Rins monlogue about how she lived a long time with Yomi and rather than stay in Momiji, they got Gods permission to move. She says there is a rumor of a couple in love who saved some people from a disaster and the game ends.

Good ending: Instead of Yatagarasu killing Rin, Guren and Yomi show up before he is able to choke her. They start yelling at Yatagarasu and Guren tells him to stop with the past, which Yatagarasu screams at him to shut up. Yomi tells him to keep his hands off of Rin and Chiori. He tells Yatagarasu he has decided to stay ayakashi and love Rin. He tells Yomi that is too bad because he wanted to realize his hope and attacks Yomi. They start fighting and Guren tells Yomi to team with him. Yomi yells at Yatagarasu and tells him how dare he bully the one important to him and transforms into his true form and attacks Yatagarasu. Together Guren and Yomi defeat Yatagarasu. Guren carried a still unconscious Chiori back while Rin supported Yomi.

At home Gin and Uta are outside waiting for them. They ask if they are okay and help to bring Yomi inside. The next morning when Rin wakes up Yomi is there waiting for her. She cries out his name and hugs him. Yomi explains to Rin that the reason he was so strange that time was because Yatagarasu offered to turn him human. Rin tells him about hearing what was said that night and she told him she wanted to ask him about it but was scared to and says sorry. He told her there is no reason for her to apologize to him but he did think about how good it would be to live years with her as a human. Rin tells him she loves him whether he is ayakashi or human and he said yes, her words to him at that time in school are what made his decision for him and kisses her and tells her “I love you”

That night Guren comes to visit and he apologizes for all the trouble Yatagarasu caused. Yomi asks him why he is apologizing. Guren says because he was his old friend. Rin asks about Chiori and he tells her she woke up but is still a little weak. 

He tells them the story of Yatagarasu and how long, long ago he used to like humans and fell in love with a human woman but when he told her he was ayakashi she decided to marry a human man instead. That is when Yatagarasu started to hate humans. Rin says she thought it was something like that. Rin says he always had sad eyes when talking about how worthless humans were.

Yomi asks what Yatagarasu is doing now and Guren tells him he left the village to travel again. Rin says she hopes he can make friends in the next town. Guren tells her that right now that would be impossible but maybe gradually.

Christmas now and they held a party at the house. Rin goes outside with Yomi for a walk and she asks Yomi if he remembers their fight right there last year and they laugh. He says he wouldn’t have thought he would be together with her like this. She tells him actually she already liked him at that time but wasn’t aware of it yet. It starts snowing and Rin gets excited about having a white christmas and starts running. Yomi yells to her not to run or..and she falls. lol Yomi tries to help her up but he falls too and Rin laughs about the two of them sitting in the middle of the road together. She tells Yomi let’s be together for a long time after this. He says yes. She tells Yomi she loves him. He says me too and kisses her.

In the epilogue, she is a teacher and Yomi is a civil servant and they are back in Momiji village. Yomi is writing a book about their life. They are married and live together. One day she was sick in the morning so Yomi asks if she will go to the doctor. That night he comes home worried about her condition and asks her what the doctor said. She tells him she is not sick and puts his hands on her stomach. He says, you mean.. and she tells him yes, it’s a baby. He replies, oh a baby..WHAT and she laughs at him. He asks her if its really true and she says yes. He is super happy and starts crying [since when did Yomi become such a crier? lol how cute]

A baby girl is born. Rin goes out to get the newspaper and mail and finds a letter for Yomi so she goes to find Yomi and their daughter and when she sees him she yells his name and jumps into his arms. Surprised he asks her what is going on. She shows him the letter and tells him congratulations on winning. His novel won a prize. He says really and she says yes, it’s written right here. He is shocked and hugs her. She and their daughter congratulate him and he says thank you.

After that Rin says they lived happily for decades however the time to part has come. Old Rin thanks Yomi. She tells him she was very happy living with him. She starts to lose consciousness little by little while holding his hand. He tells her yes, he was also happy. Rin asks if Yomi is there and he says yes, I will be by Rin all the time. He tells her he will take care of her until the last moments. Rin says thank you and that he has kept his promise to her of protecting her. Yomi says yes because he had decided it when they started going out. Rin tells Yomi she loves him and dies. Yomi calls her name again and again. Then asks if she started on her journey and tells her goodbye. [I’m not crying, I swear] Yomi says Rin, I was able to live with you and be happy, thank you.

Yomi had changed his appearance to old to match Rin but changes back and returns to Momiji village to take care of the people there and the game ends.

Since the bad ends haven’t had CGs I am skipping his. I hate bad endings anyway.

My thoughts: omg…I literally have nothing to complain about. I loved every second of this. This route made me angry, happy, sad, everything. I loved the side characters, I loved Gurens character development, I loved watching a changed Yomi. I absolutely loved that trash bag Yatagarasu. I loved everything. Early on I seriously thought Chiori was going to end up being evil but once Yatagarasu showed up I knew I was wrong. Yomis best end was the best. I loved that twist of Rin becoming ayakashi. This route felt longer to me than the other two guys I have done, too.

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