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Pharmacy Technician Interview Essay


I applied online. I interviewed at Kaiser Permanente (Portland, OR) in September 2014.


Applied online to a few positions with different locations over about 6 months. Not really actively trying. Once I reached 2 years experience in the field, they called within a couple weeks. Interviewed at one location but was turned down (I did a terrible interview so I wasn't surprised) but they passed my name on to other hiring managers (surprising because of the first terrible interview). I set up a second interview with the managers from other locations, more prepared this time. They asked the exact same questions and told me they would call by the following Friday with a yes or no. They called the next day and offered me the job at my preferred location (not the first one I interviewed with, they let me choose). It was very pleasant and professional in all regards.

Interview Questions

  • How do I handle unhappy customers? Give specific examples.   Answer Question
  • Have I ever worked with someone who did not pull their own weight? Give specific examples of how I handled the situation.   Answer Question
  • Have I ever not gotten along with a coworker regarding culture, religion, etc.? Specific example of how I handled it?   Answer Question
  • How often am I late? And how often do I call out sick? (I understand this is the most important quality to the company)   2 Answers


The pay rate is set by the union from what I understand, but it is an excellent wage for the amount of education I have.

Kaiser Permanente 2014-09-26 21:12 PDT

Top 35 Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

Question 2 of 35

What do you enjoy most about being a Pharmacy Technician?

"I enjoy working in an environment where I am constantly learning. I like being challenged. There are always changes to regulations and new information."

"I enjoy learning about my job every day."

Talk about your favorite aspect of the job. If you're new to the field, think about what you're looking forward to learning. Talk about some of your on the job training and what you enjoyed about it.

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Question 3 of 35

What do you dislike the most about being a Pharmacy Technician?

"I know that it can be hard to handle customers when they get upset, because I've dealt with these situations before. However, I feel confident in my ability to handle all kinds of personalities. I am good at staying calm in these situations, and calming the customer."

"I hate when I see a patient struggling to pay for their medication."

This is a great opportunity to talk about challenges you face as a pharmacy technician. Giving an example involving customer service is a great place to start. Show that you understand the reality of the job and that you accept the challenges.

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Question 4 of 35

How would your co-workers describe you?

"My coworkers say I'm easy to work with because I have a good attitude even when we are really busy."

"My co-workers would describe me as being hard working. I'm always the first in and the last to leave each day. I make a point to always be helpful to my patients and co-workers."

Think about positive traits others use to describe you. Focus on the characteristics that are most valued in the workplace. Explain why your coworkers think you have these traits or an experience that shows off these characteristics. Prepare three examples that you can use in your interview. These examples can also be applied when talking about your strengths, another potential interview question.

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