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Effect And Causes Essay About Stress

CAUSE AND EFFECT OF STRESS 2 Major Cause and Effects of Stress on College Students Primarily, stress refers as mental or emotional strain caused by demanding situations. Ideally, every human is has to cope some kind of stress at some point in life. Often, when people change the environment or the activity they are used to, they end up straining. Precisely, new students in the college face diverse deviations from their normal life (Sulkowski & Dempsey, 2011). The trends of life take a new turn where students have to cope with new friends, time schedules, food, and rules and regulations in the college. Traditionally, students joining college for their first time tend to miss their parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and the normal way of life that they are used to at home. However, continuing students tend to live a stressful life too because of the reasons that will be discussed later in the essay. This essay therefore seeks to explain the major causes and effects of stress on college students, the economic effects of the cause and the effects on the people. The major cause of stress to the college student is the inability to be organized. Ideally, the new college students are used to the guidance from the parents, guardians, and teachers in the lower levels of their studies. Primarily, these teenagers have learned to be reminded what to do, how to and when to do some of their chores by their parents (Elhai et al. 2012). Additionally, colleges students are used to high school routine where bell reminded them of change of activities or the teachers who have always force them to manage their time. At the college, things are different in that the students are their own bosses. They are expected to follow the timetables and be in their classes in time. Moreover, the expectations of the lectures or the tutors are that the students are mature and can be on their own.

Causes and Effects of Stress of Students

Nowadays, the life is becoming hurry and busy, so people have to solve a lot of things everyday. Sometimes they are stressed from the pressures of work and family or themselves. Therefore, stress is actually a normal part of life. To understand stress clearly, we will learn about the causes, effects and some way to reduce stress.

As you know, everyone has different stress triggers, so there are many causes of stress. Firstly, pressure of work tops the list, according to surveys. You can be stressed in some case as you workfor long time with high work pressure or get stuck at work or solve a lot of works at the same time.Besides, you are unhappy in your job or you work under dangerous condition oryou loss of a job.Second, life stresses can also have a big impact, especially pressure from the family is also a common cause of stress such as the death of a loved one, divorce, increase in financial obligations, getting married, moving to a new home.Moreover,sometimes the stress comes from inside, rather than outside. You can stress yourself out just by worrying about things such as worry, fear,change, pessimistic and weary.All of these above reasons can lead to stress, so what are the effects of stress?

In fact, stress affects your health and spirit so much. When you are stressed for a long time, you can have sleeplessness, headache, loss of appetite. You feel uncomfortable and tired. Especially, stress impulses the development of the aging process of humans.Besides, if you don't get a handle on your stress soon, it can seriously obstruct with your job, family life. You can not concentrate on the work. Someone says they fight with friends and loved ones because of stress.

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