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Mus 354 Elvis Assignment 1a

Unformatted text preview: 10/16/2016 MUS 354: Elvis MUS 354: ELVIS (SUMMER B 2015) Home Classroom You are signed in as: Exams/Assignments https://herbergeronline2.asu.edu/elvis/assessment/assessments/assignment_enter/1 Grades Help 1/3 10/16/2016 MUS 354: Elvis Topic Assignment 1A Instructions 1. Watch the video to the left 2. Answer the questions below Notes If you have any technical trouble during this assi video will not play, etc.), do not submit it Support via the Help link above. Also, do not leave this page, or open a new pa this assignment. 1. In the first part of this clip, the Memphis Mafia (Elvis' inner circle of friends and relatives), discuss... Elvis during his high school years Elvis and his first film appearance Elvis' problems with prescription drugs Elvis and his first meeting with Priscilla Elvis' parents, particularly his mother Elvis' meteoric rise to stardom Elvis' out of control appetite 2. In the early part of this clip, we see several still shots of... Elvis working at Lowe's Theatre as an usher Elvis first appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show Elvis and Priscilla Elvis as a very young child Elvis and his mother and father Elvis in his first film Elvis attending Humes High School 3. The latter part of this clip features the Memphis Mafia discussing... Elvis' bad temper Vernon's jail sentence Elvis' natural singing voice Elvis' wild fashion sense Gladys' childhood in the South Elvis' use of prescription drugs how much money they made with Elvis 4. Lamar Fike, the big, gray­haired gentleman, tells a humorous story about... https://herbergeronline2.asu.edu/elvis/assessment/assessments/assignment_enter/1 2/3 10/16/2016 MUS 354: Elvis 4. Lamar Fike, the big, gray­haired gentleman, tells a humorous story about... Elvis working as a movie usher in Memphis Elvis meeting Priscilla for the first time meeting Elvis for the first time in high school a family fight at the dinner table Elvis and his first serious girlfriend Elvis getting his first car protecting Elvis from some high school bullies 5. How many members of the Memphis Mafia are interviewed in this clip? six eight five four three nine seven End of Assessment You have reached the end of this assessment. Please check your answers before submitting. When you are ready to submit you box below and the 'Submit' button will become available. I Am Ready to Submit My Work Submit © 2016 HERBERGER INSTITUTE FOR DESIGN & THE ARTS ­ ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY ­ TEMPE, ARIZONA https://herbergeronline2.asu.edu/elvis/assessment/assessments/assignment_enter/1 3/3 ...
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Сьюзан, - сказал он, подходя ближе.  - В чем. Она не шевельнулась. - Ты волнуешься о Дэвиде. Ее верхняя губа чуть дрогнула.

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