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List Of New Vehicles In Armored Kill Assignments

I really like this expansion over B2K and CQ. I bought Battlefield for the epic battles with tanks, jets, choppers, and the like. BFBC2I really like this expansion over B2K and CQ. I bought Battlefield for the epic battles with tanks, jets, choppers, and the like. BFBC2 ruined some of the fun I had going with each expansion in the series, and 2142 is no different. BF3 brings it all back, although, if anything the maps still feel too small. How about a jet only map similar to Coral Sea and really expand the fighting area. I love the fact that uncap areas are off limits. My only gripe is that the AA/Tunguska is no where to be found in most games. It spawns, but it's either the favorite target of everyone or I just cannot ever find except when I'm in a jet of course.

I'll admit, my skill in this game is terrible. And yet, one game I'll be in the top 3, the next dead last. Balancing the game is more important in this DLC with teams. It really is evidenced when you are at a flag in one tank and the rest of your team is AFK, charging off alone in random jeeps, or waiting for the helicopter/jet. Meanwhile, I'm a sitting duck for the coordinated tank army fast approaching. And the AC-130, I love it. I hate it when I get shot capping a flag, but it adds an element that is super fresh and fun. I find myself only joining servers with this DLC or have this DLC in constant rotation. I have no major complaints. If anything it is still too small. This is coming from someone who plays flight simulators (ironic that I would play arcade); if anything I would like to see double or triple the size. Have us in what they call a furball with guns blazing, missles flying, and even have crazy stuff like battleships with AA, emulate real Tunguskas, and dare I say terrifying things like S300s. Bring in things like flying under the radar, loft bombing, and other cool things. Keep it arcade, but add in more elements and bigger areas so I do not feel like my role is to do 8G turns the whole time.…Expand

  • Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (PC) Review
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      Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (PC) Review

      Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
      This week, non-Premium players will get a chance to purchase and download the Armored Kill DLC for Battlefield 3 on the PC and Xbox 360. To put it simply, Armored Kill is closer to what many fans expected Battlefield 3 to be instead of what initially shipped. Featuring expansive maps, new vehicle unlocks, new assignments, new dogtags, a new game mode, and new vehicles, it's easy to say without going into too many details that Armored Kill is largely worth the price of admission.

      Armored Kill Pros
      • Each of the four maps are massive in size. The largest, Bandar Desert, is reportedly the largest map in the entire history of Battlefield! It's not really all that surprising when you actually step foot onto the map, the sense of scale is beyond impressive, and God help you if you find yourself without some sort of vehicle transport.

      Covering a distance of roughly five square kilometers, Bandar Desert contains huge sand dunes between each flag outpost. These make for perfect long-range sniping positions or serve as a playground for destruction with intense armored vehicle battles. One point, roughly equidistant from each team's spawn, allows the controlling team to man the AC-130 gunship. Naturally, this is always a huge area of contention with most of the fight taking place over just this one point.

      Mountains line much of the outlying regions of the map, serving as a temporary reprieve for damaged jets or helicopters, or allowing for more hidden sniper nests. A small beachfront town contains two points relatively close to one another. Infantry love this area as they are able to dart in and around houses and backyards, setting up ambush locations for armored vehicles that may try driving up the road.

      • Armored Shield is another new map included in Armored Kill. Taking a cue from the Heavy Metal map from Bad Company 2, Armored Shield features rolling green hills pot marked by destroyed vehicles and impact craters. A number of wind turbines ensure that novice helicopter pilots are always a little more on edge than normal as they traverse from point to point. A single river connects the two furthest points on the map, allowing for either side to try and sneak over by way of a boat. The central points are separated by open fields, making a foot infantry assault nearly impossible as they can be seen quite a ways away.

      The point featuring the AC-130 sits atop a small hill, providing for increased visibility as you look out to see your enemy rolling up in tanks, tank destroyers, and supported by long-range snipers.

      • Alborz Mountains is a gorgeous looking snow map set high in a mountainous region. Light colored camo is a sniper's best friend as they are able to climb a number of these mountains to pick off unsuspecting enemies at many of the map's points. Points can be found down in the valley next to a near completely frozen lake or high in the mountains where the AC-130 point is situated.

      The mountains are all rendered in this map, allowing for air support to dart in and out of sight between attack runs. Land vehicles may have a difficult time trying to navigate up and down the mountains, unless you opt to take any of the pre-defined routes present on the map.

      The terrain also provides for some rather covert moves by Engineers as they can pop up from behind a ridge to target a vehicle making their way up a narrow pathway.

      • Last, but certainly not least, is Death Valley, Armored Kill's addition to the sparse night map offerings in Battlefield 3. Of all of the maps added, Death Valley is probably the most balanced map. You don't feel obligated to hop into a vehicle, as the points are close enough to one another to make playing as an infantry a very viable option. Many of the roads feature multiple chokepoint locations, meaning that foot soldiers may sometimes have the upper hand on this map, especially compared to the other three.

      The capture points in Death Valley are lined up almost in a straight line across the map. It doesn't feel as though either side has any distinct advantage over another here. It really just comes down to a matter of which team is more skilled than the other.

      • The new vehicle additions to Armored Kill are a welcome, if not unnecessary, addition to Battlefield 3. The AC-130, for example, can either be completely game breaking or help turn the tide of a losing battle. On the Rush variants of the new maps, the AC-130 is an absolute nightmare when the other side doesn't have any air support vehicle to take it out with ease.

      Unless the game is already one-sided, the AC-130 isn't much of an issue on the Conquest versions of the maps. Jets, helicopters, and mobile AA can take down the AC-130 with relative ease, though there is a small problem with this vehicle that we will touch upon shortly.

      If you're fortunate enough to be one of the two people permitted to spawn in the AC-130, assuming your team controls the point for it, you have your choice of a 105mm cannon or a 25mm autocannon. The second gunner position mans the 105mm and is the position potentially responsible for taking out large groups of infantry or armored vehicles on the ground. They are, in many cases, the person that most people on the other team tend to sling their swear filled complaints at.

      The first position on the AC-130 takes control of the 25mm autocannon. It can fire off a number of rounds at ground units, chipping away at infantry and some of less armored vehicles such as jeeps and the ATV.

      Both positions also have access to 25mm anti-air guns. Usually, these are a last resort measure if the IR flares fail to deter the jet locking on to your gunship. The gunship is also locked to a pre-defined circular path that goes around the perimeter of each map. Sorry to all of those thinking they could fly that into the ground for a quick troll. Typically quick to be shot down, the AC-130 still manages to be a formidable foe in the air, especially in the hands of competent gunners.

      • A tank destroyer (or tank buster) has been added for both sides (2S25 Sprut, M1128). Looking a bit like a hybrid between an APC and a tank, these feature a bit less armor than a normal tank but pack more of a punch than an APC does. Able to move around the map at a bit faster pace than their big brothers, the tank destroyers are great for setting up ambushes in conjunction with tanks.

      • Mobile artillery (M142 HIMARS, BM-21) is the last offensive vehicle that was added with Armored Kill. Hop into the vehicle after it spawns, find a shady spot, and rain down death from above at a distance. Opening up your map is almost a necessity so that you can see where your shots are actually landing. They are really no more deadly than a couple of Support classes sitting and lobbing their mortars at a spot on the map. They can, however, become a force to be reckoned with when used in conjunction with ground troops moving in on an enemy point. The mobile artillery is perfect for suppressing the enemy at the point that is under siege and perhaps scoring a few kills here and there on the unfortunate.

      • Another blast from the past rounds out the vehicle additions. Yes, the quad bike is back in Battlefield. It doesn't have much in the way of offensive abilities, seats two, and can zip around a map faster than any other vehicle. It tends to easily explode, so be sure to take care when taking the quads off of some of those sweet ramps.

      • Armored Kill also adds in a new game mode! Tank Superiority mode plays out a bit like a King of the Hill game type, but with tanks and tank destroyers. That's about all of the positive I have to say for this new game mode.

      • Each new vehicle also comes with a fresh set of unlocks. A few of these unlocks aren't earned by the usual means, but by completing some of the new assignments. These new assignments aren't terribly difficult to earn, provided you manage to get enough time in the new vehicles.

      Armored Kill Cons
      • Well, Tank Superiority sucks. I'm not going to lie here, I honestly hate this game mode. I hated it when it was the focus for specific maps in Red Orchestra and Red Orchestra 2 and I hate it in Battlefield 3. I get that Armored Kill is all about the armored vehicles, but this mode tends to be a server killer. Once one side gets the upper hand, it's really just a matter time, waiting for the tickets to expire and the next map to load up.

      Without in-game voice communication, trying to coordinate an offensive is near impossible. Trying to attack the single flag by yourself simply results in a swift death as all enemy eyes are on you and the very exposed flag position.

      Infantry does have a small role here, and it’s where I actually had the most fun in this game mode. Snipers can set up SOFLAMs for the Engineers to utilize to their fullest. So either everybody in the armored vehicles is getting destroyed all the time, or there's just a lot of long-range tank battles being waged, resulting in a fairly slow-paced snooze fest. There's never really any surprise element in this game mode. Due to near-instant vehicle respawns, players will hop in, take the time to drive up to the front lines, die, and repeat until all tickets are depleted. It's boring and it's really not a mode that feels at home in a Battlefield game.

      It also tends to clear out servers a short time after a Tank Superiority map variation loads up.

      One thing that could be done to make this mode a lot more enjoyable would be to have the flag actually move from time to time. Make it a random flag location and let it move to the next random position after a team has held onto it for a set period of time.

      • With the exception of Death Valley, the maps are most certainly vehicle focused. Well, obviously a DLC called "Armored Kill" would be vehicle focused but it got me thinking about something. Why aren't there more large-scale maps that don't have their main focus being on vehicle combat? Caspian Border, for instance, is rather large in size yet it feels as though there's a great balance between vehicle combat and infantry combat. I don't get that same feeling in these new maps.

      Generally, I love to play as an infantry soldier. It feels like it's more skill based than a back and forth "dink-dink" of two tanks going at it from a mile apart. I think a lot of this negative feeling has to do with the fact that all vehicles are set to spawn a lot faster in Armored Kill maps. It's possible this is an error on my part, but it just seems to be the case in every server I've played on.

      I know I'll get eaten alive for stating this, especially from those who wanted more of a Battlefield 2 feel in Battlefield 3, but this is just how I personally feel. I just would have liked to have seen a more balanced approach in Armored Kill between vehicle based combat and infantry combat.

      • The AC-130 tends to destroy everything in its path on the Attackers side on the Rush variations of the new maps. With only two main points to focus fire on, the AC-130 doesn't really have to seek out anything else on the map. Target one area over and over with your 105mm cannon and press fire repeatedly. If the attacking team is at all competent then the points are quickly taken.

      Rush would probably benefit from either giving the Defenders a helicopter or jet to utilize, or removing the AC-130 from the equation entirely.

      • For some reason, the respawn timer on the AC-130 is absurdly short. If your team manages to take it out, it's already back in the air before the first "Woo-hoo!" can be uttered. Again, this may be a server setting, but it's weird that every server I played on would have the same, insanely short timer.

      • Strangely enough, the AC-130 is stupidly easy to take out of the skies. Of course, this depends on how alert your team is and whether or not you are playing on Conquest or not. Couple the fact that the armor on the AC-130 is seemingly paper thin and the near-instant respawn time, someone sitting in a mobile AA vehicle can have a field day taking out the gunship. Without even trying, I was able to hop into a mobile AA vehicle on the Death Valley map, take the AC-130 out of the skies 4 times in a row before ultimately dying to a tank that finally realized what was going on.

      I'd hate to say that the AC-130 needs more armor given how much it can make short work of the lives of everyone on the ground, but that's almost what needs to happen. Maybe buff up the armor a bit and make the default respawn timer something a bit more meaningful and it may actually become a balanced vehicle.

      As it is, with how many issues it has, it feels terribly imbalanced and seems a bit more like a novelty addition that wasn't fully fleshed out before release.

      It was brought to my attention that there was a small update released that attempts to fix the issues I mentioned above concerning the AC-130. This update provides far more balance to the AC-130, mainly in terms of survivability and its effectiveness in the Rush mode. As this was largely written prior to testing this new update, we have not factored this information into our review and may adjust accordingly at some point in the future.

      • A small nit-picky issue I have is the fact that none of the vehicles leave tracks in either the snow or sand. This is more of an issue with Battlefield 3 in general, and not just with Armored Kill. Just think about how great it would have been to see the tracks your team's tanks left behind over the course of a battle.

      • Finally, to everyone who drives off in a multi-passenger vehicle with nobody sitting in those spare seats: Stop that.

      This trend continues from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 itself. People don't like to give other people rides. Since these maps are made mainly for vehicles and not for foot soldiers, this can become incredibly annoying.

      Seriously, stop that.

      Final Thoughts
      Armored Kill, despite its balance issues and other minor flaws, is a great addition to Battlefield 3. It comes packed with a lot of great content that will make plenty of old-school Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 fans insanely happy. Undoubtedly, we will see a patch or two that works on some of the balance issues I and others have come across but as it stands, you really can't call yourself a fan of the series if you don't pick this expansion up.

      Battlefield 3 Premium players on all platforms have already been enjoying Armored Kill for some time now. If you don't want to spend the $50 (USD) for Premium (which features all past and upcoming DLC releases) then be sure to check out Armored Kill on its own for $14.99.

      Overall: 8/10
      Gameplay: 8/10
      Audio: 9/10
      Visuals: 8/10
      Value: 7/10

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    2. 09-24-2012, 08:35 AM#2
      Thanks a lot for this review. I really like the pros/cons approach.
      I'm still not Premium as I don't like the idea of paying twice the game but I know I won't hold much until I cross the line and you're not helping me with such review

      BTW, I suppose the testing was done before last Friday server update as it cover most of the cons you highlight about the gunship.

      If someone can provide feedback about the balance change, it would be great.
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      These maps are certainly "classic BF" maps, and I'm glad they are in the game. My only complaint, and it is a completely ludicrous one, is that AK is too focused on armor. I know, that's the name of the DLC, but the best large maps from previous games were ones that had both vehicular and infantry components to them. Infantry is almost useless on AK and if you aren't engineer or sniper, you are screwed. I'm not saying this is a horrible thing considering it is an armor based expansion, but if they are going to include massive maps like these in future games as base maps, they need to add more infantry combat I feel.

      Also, I have to say that I don't like Death Valley with 3D spotting. That's the problem with night maps, you can be hidden in the darkness but everyone can see you anyway because there is a bright orange triangle over your head.

    4. 09-24-2012, 01:29 PM#4
      Very nice review. I think it covers AK very well. I feel the same with the AC130 and lack of things Infantry can do. The maps are fun in Team Deathmatch styles as well.
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      Well, damn. Yeah, all of the playing/testing was done before that patch apparently came out. I hadn't played any this weekend because of Borderlands 2 and having to write the two reviews that came out (Torchlight II and this one), and working on three other reviews.

      I need to edit the review with this information. Thanks!
      Originally Posted by Koin-Koin
      Thanks a lot for this review. I really like the pros/cons approach.
      I'm still not Premium as I don't like the idea of paying twice the game but I know I won't hold much until I cross the line and you're not helping me with such review

      BTW, I suppose the testing was done before last Friday server update as it cover most of the cons you highlight about the gunship.

      If someone can provide feedback about the balance change, it would be great.
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      Every time i play bf3 i get incredibly angry, will be avoiding this.

    7. 09-25-2012, 09:19 AM#7
      Yeah, sounds like you should for sure.
      Originally Posted by cikame
      Every time i play bf3 i get incredibly angry, will be avoiding this.

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