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World Water Shortage Essay Outline

Essay about The Global Water Shortage

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One of the biggest problems in the world is water scarcity. Almost all countries suffer from it and many of them cannot find the most effective solution to avoid this difficulty. The meaning of the world water crisis is very easy to understand, but solving it is very difficult. The amount of world water is limited, as the population is growing fast; the necessity of water use is growing even faster. This essay will examine the water crisis specifically in China, because it is the country with the most serious water shortage problems in the world. Also, this essay will suggest possible solutions on solving these problems and evaluate them. Although to stop the water shortage problems is difficult and costly, and takes a lot of…show more content…

So according to Zhao, Liu, and Deng (2005), agriculture exploits almost 70 percent of freshwater available in China, and there is an expectation that this quantity will grow because of the increase of world food production. Chinese people need a comprehensive scientific approach with long-term, coordinated efforts to solve this serious problem. So the first possible solution is recycling water in order to meet environmental needs, provide an additional source of water and have sustainable development and a viable economy. For this approach the Chinese Government needs advanced technologies that clean the water properly and also huge investment, so this would lead to having a big impact on economic development of the country. However, according to Chang (2009), the water which has been recycled is an essential resource of water for “non-potable”(not for drinking) uses in China and this water can be used for flushing toilets, car washing, agricultural irrigation, fire fighting, landscape irrigation, industrial processes and street washing. But one major disadvantage of this approach is that after water recycling there is no proof of that this water is clean enough for reusing it. For example, there might be quite an amount of pollutants, such as some chemicals, bacteria, even heavy metals and organic compounds (Wang, 1989). So as consequences, there

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