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Cis 210 Case Study 25

Project ScopeAccess Control Systems (ACS) is a system that idenTfes and gives specifc authority to resources by a specifc person or group oF individuals who are authorized to have access to it to that resource. ±he resources that the ACS gives access to can be things such as a place residence, place oF employment, certain websites, or computer-based inFormaTon system. ±he ACS that is needed is For new security measures For the dormitory oF a small college. ±his dormitory needs a new system that could give the residence electronic access to enter the building as well as surveillance oF those entering the building and in authorized places oF the building. ±his is to make the building more secure and protect the individuals living there From harm, the², or other criminal acTvity.±his system needs to be integrated with the schools intranet For monitoring and only accessed

The project of installing an access control system in a dormitory will serve a very important purpose in the security of the college campus. This will address the issue of unrestricted access to certain points on campus by both unauthorized students and unauthorized personnel. For example, a male student who stays in Dorm A, should not be able to have unrestricted access to the female Dorm B. This will also prevent unauthorized non personnel of the college from enter campus facilities and will ensure the safety of both the faculty and the students. The services rendered by this project is to provide identification badges to each staff member and student, which will provide appropriate access to all facilities needed for each member while restricting access to buildings that are restricted. For example, this will allow a student access to facilities such as dorms, classrooms, and libraries while restricting them from dorms in which they do not reside, equipment and maintenance facilities, etc. This will also allow campus police to differentiate faculty and students from unauthorized personnel. This will

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