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Schumann Widmung Analysis Essay

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G#, and the accompaniment becomes less florid and more supportive, grounded. The singer explains that "you are rest, you are peace, you are bestowed upon me [down] from heaven." The accompaniment is more solid and chordal - if it were minor, I would say it's solemn like a funeral march - the major gives this much more hope and joy, even though we're kind of still in the death-theme textwise.

Then, just as cliche and text-painting-y, the key changes back (up) to Ab (with another common-tone modulation, C#-->Db) on the perfect line, "you raise me lovingly [up] above myself." Oh Schumann. How cute is that. (PS - anyone else hear the Josh Groban song with that line?)

A final interesting note is that one Schu here steals from another Schu - part of Schubert's "Ave Maria" is quoted in the last measures, twice. The do-ti-do-mi-re-do of that melody is set in a ground-bass type of ti-la-le-sol-do falling progression. The chromaticism describes an otherworldly serenity and happiness, as if the singer is still in disbelief at their luck and contentment.

And that's all for this piece. I will almost miss blogging with you guys. Have a great summer, all! Ciao! 

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