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Romeo And Juliet Soliloquy Assignment

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Character: Nurse

When: At the end of the play, after Romeo and Juliet are dead

(Look at picture of Juliet) Juliet. My beautiful, fair young maiden. Dead because she loved too well and could not live without the man she loved. None, but that of Romeo, son of Montague. Even though he was a Montague, he was the best man for my dear Juliet. He would die for her and would try to give her anything she wanted.

Of course, I should have seen something happening when I saw them at the ball together. A Capulet and a Montague. Who would of thought? They were the star-crossed lovers that would end their families' feud with their death. They made a sacrifice to stop their families' fighting. The most horrible sacrifice ever made...with their lives. After seeing them at the ball together I probably should have broken them up, but instead I got caught up in it.

By going to see Romeo, on Juliet's request, I caught up in something I did not want to be caught up in. I could see that Juliet was madly in love with Romeo and was happy that she had found someone she wanted to be with. I just couldn't tell her to stop seeing him. It would have broken her heart. I do not regret going to see Romeo for he was a polite, young gentleman, completely different from his friends, especially that Mercutio. He was so rude! One of the comments he made to me is still stuck in my head. "Good Peter, hide her face for the fan is the fair face". I can't believe Romeo was friends with that rude little (pause and shake head). (Pause and smile) I can still see his face when I told him Juliet would be at Friar Laurence's cell at noon. He was so happy, and when I told Juliet that at Friar Laurence's cell "a husband waits to make you a wife". (Pause and smile) I had never seen her so happy.

It was sad though, that shortly after they were married, Romeo killed her cousin, Tybalt. I cannot believe that Romeo was capable of such a thing even though he was avenging Mercutio. My dear Juliet's heart was broken, but she stayed with him even though he killed Tybalt and was banished. It was so obvious that she loved Romeo. Even when her father told her to marry Paris or be disowned. She was saying that she would rather kill herself than marry Paris. It broke my heart to see her so upset and when she pushed me away, after suggesting that she should marry Paris (pause) it was absolutely unbearable.

I still find it hard to believe that Friar Laurence and Juliet made plans to make her seem dead. I swear I nearly had a heart attack when I saw her supposably dead, then to find out that she was a live, then killed herself, was more than I could bear. (Pause) Still is more than I can bear. When I look back at what happened, I wouldn't change a thing. Except for telling Juliet she should marry Paris, for she might have been still alive living happily with Romeo in Mantua.

Now that I have no young Juliet to look after, I feel like I have nothing more to do. I feel so guilty that I feel that it would be best if I just resigned. But I should ask Lord and Lady Capulet if they want me to stay or go. If they want me to stay, then I'll stay, but if they want me to go, I'll go and see if I can be a nurse to some other family where I can prevent this situation happening again.

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A/N: This was the monologue that I wrote as a year ten assignment, back in 2008. At school I have written one other Shakespeare monologue (minus the dialogue) which was Macbeth. Out of the two, this was my best monologue. I got a high A for it and when I performed it, I had many people with wet eyes, which was weird seeing as I'm not a drama student.

One of the essential assignments for the academic year is the Shakespeare monologue/soliloquy oration.  You will select a monologue or soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet to recite in front of the class.  The selected verse must be a minimum of fifteen lines.
A monologue is a long speech delivered from one actor when he or she is alone on stage.
A soliloquy is an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud in a formal speech.

After you select your speech, you will begin to memorize and thoroughly explore your piece in order to understand how your selection ties into the scene, the act, and the play as a whole. Together, we will develop your dramatic abilities until the final performance.

Step 1:  (Day 15)  Select your monologue or soliloquy.  You will need three copies of the selected monologue/soliloquy, one for the instructor, another for the on-book reader and the third copy is for you to mark on and rehearse from.  The on-book reader is the person who will help, if necessary to cue you if you struggle with a part during your recitation.  Use this website for selection ideas: Ideas for http://www.shakespeare-monologues.org/plays/35?g=2

Step 2:  (Day 15)  Justification
15 typed, complete sentenceson why you selected your monologue or soliloquy. Include a brief discussion of the character, what has happened in the play at that point, why this speech appealed to you, and what you hope to learn by studying this piece.

Step 3:  (Day 20-21)  Performing the Recitation  The recitation is valued as a performance grade.  You should begin by indicating the selected piece as well as the act and scene which the monologue/soliloquy appears in.  For every word that you miss or add you will be deducted one point from your assessment grade.  If you skip a line you will likewise be deducted five points.  Dramatic emphasis, dressing in the role of the speaker and sustained accents will positively influence your assessment.  Yes, this is a challenging assignment!  You must rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

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