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Bibliography - Student Papers from the MHA

Abbott, Kathleen M. Is Resettlement the Answer for the Port au Port Area? 1973.

Barrett, Myrtle. Resettlement: A Discussion of the Move from Sound Island to the Mainland Community of Swift Current, Placentia Bay. 1974.

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Dwyer, Judy. Resettlement in Fischelles: A Case of Mismanaged Social Change. 1979.

Edwards, Phyllis. Community Development as an Alternative to Resettlement: The Future of the Lamaline Area. 1974.

Emberley, Brian. The Communication Problems of Brunette from 1900 to Resettlement.

Fequet, Stephanie. Resettlement: Movement to Cartwright 1965-1972.

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Gillingham, R. The Effects of Resettlement on the Fishery of Newfoundland. 1985.

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Green, Alvena. The Resettlement of Deer Harbour. 1982.

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Hiscock, Jacqueline. Resettlement: Hebron and Nutak to Makkovik. 1985.

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Laurie, Richard. Resettlement of Reginaville and Mosquito on Colinet Island, St. Mary's Bay, 1960-1962. 1970.

Loveless, Clary. Social Changes due to Resettlement of Pass Island to Hermitage.

McCarthy, Larry P. The Resettlement Program: Island of Ponds and Spotted Island - Black Tickle, the Community that Stayed. 1978.

Michael, John. Redevelopment: An Alternative to Resettlement.

Noel, J.R. How Licensing Policies are being used to Secretly Implement Resettlement in Newfoundland. 1980.

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Percy, John. The Resettlement of Woody Island.

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Power, Christina. Resettlement: A Summary of Review of Communities in Transition by R. Matthews. 1978.

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Rose, Deborah. The Resettlement of Pass Island. 1976.

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Scott, Ann. Resettlement of the Naskapi Indians of North West River, Labrador. 1970.

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Spurvey, Hilda. The Resettlement of Bar Haven, A Small Island in Placentia Bay.

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Tilley Derek. Resettlement of Horse Islands.

Vatcher E. Burgeo as a Resettlement Program Centre. 1979.

Walsh Wayne P. The Resettlement of Burnt Island, B.B. 1977.

Wareham Heather. The Effect of Resettlement on the Children of Arnold's Cove. 1974.

Whiffen, Patrick and Farrell, Nora. Resettlement of Port Elizabeth. 1974.

Student Papers in the QEII

Newfoundland: The People, the Place [Papers submitted for English 2010]. St. John's, Nfld: MUN, 1992.

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