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Md Mph Personal Statement

Five Year MD/MPH Program

Students interested in the MD/MPH program must apply separately to Alpert Medical School and to Brown University’s Graduate School. Regardless of the route of admission to the medical school— PLME, Standard, EIP, Postbaccalaureate, Advanced Standing—all students are eligible to apply for the MPH during the first three years at the Alpert Medical School.

There is no formal path for non-Brown medical students to enroll in the 5-year MD/MPH Program. However, medical students from other schools are welcome to apply to the MPH Program through the standard route and they may request that up to 4 courses from their medical school curriculum count toward the MPH degree.

The Brown University School of Public Health will be using the SOPHAS application system for the 2018 admissions cycle.  SOPHAS is a centralized application service used by many of the accredited schools and programs in public health.  The following materials are required:

  • official transcripts for all undergraduate, graduate, or medical school academic work;
  • three letters of recommendation;
  • personal statement of understanding of public health and commitment to pursuing a career in public health. Statement should explain the relevance of education and/or experience to pursue a career in public health;
  • a résumé;
  • the SOPHAS application fee.  

GRE scores are NOT required. Standardized test scores will be considered if submitted. 

Applications to the MPH are reviewed on a rolling basis from January through May 1.   Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by Feb 1st in order to maximize the chances of receiving an offer of financial assistance. After admission to the MD/MPH program, students must maintain high academic performance in order to continue in the program. Student academic performance is evaluated annually.

 The Admissions Committee for the MPH Program is composed of public health faculty and other professionals with experience in public health research and practice. Applicants will be assessed on their academic performance as well as evidence of a commitment to public health through previous course work, independent study, employment or volunteer experience.

5-Year MD/MPH Basic Degree Requirements

To receive the MPH degree, students are required to satisfactorily complete fourteen courses (12 standard courses and 2 half credit courses) and complete an internship and thesis.  Students in the combined MD/MPH Program may request that up to four graduate/medical courses, taken previously or concurrently with their Brown MPH enrollment, be counted toward the elective requirement.  No more than four courses counted toward the MPH degree requirements may be used to fulfill the requirements of the MD or PLME.

The MD/MPH combined degree program is available only to students who have earned a baccalaureate degree and who have already been accepted to Tulane's School of Medicine (SOM). In addition, applicants to the 4-year program must have earned a 28 or higher on the MCAT and/or a 504 or higher on the MCAT2015. You may not begin the application process until you have received your letter of acceptance from SOM.

Application Deadlines

The application priority deadlines for the MD/MPH combined degree program are as follows:

  • March 15: Early acceptance deadline. Apply by March 15 before your first year in SOM if you wish to begin the MD/MPH program the summer before SOM begins, or if you definitely intend to begin the program in the spring of your T1 year, or if you wish to be considered for any merit-based scholarships that may be available.
  • October 15: Fall acceptance deadline. Apply by October 15 of your T1 year if you missed the March 15 deadline and if you wish to begin the MD/MPH program in the spring of your T1 year. If you miss the October 15 deadline, please contact the MD/MPH program office to discuss your options.

Application Contents

If you are an incoming or an SOM student in the fall of your T1 year, submit each item below. If you are an SOM student in the spring of your T1 year or later, you will submit the same documents as below, but you must also contact Rachael Ruiz for additional application instructions.

  1. School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPH) application. Email Adam Maese to request an application as a PDF document that you will complete and email back. Please note that the application will include an information release statement that allows the MD/MPH program office to copy your SOM application file (so that you do not need to submit additional transcripts, MCAT scores, AMCAS information, or letters of recommendation for your MD/MPH application). Please note that you must select only one public health department to which you will initially apply. Students may transfer departments after they have been admitted into the program as long as they complete core courses first. If you are unsure about which specific department to choose, please browse the SPH website and read about each department, including the projects the department is involved in, the research interests and projects of faculty, course descriptions, etc. This information may help you match your interests with the appropriate SPH department.
  2. Career Statement. As part of your application, you will also submit a one-to-two-page career statement, which should focus on your public health goals, experience, and/or accomplishments, and should articulate how you hope to incorporate your public health degree into your career as a medical professional.
  3. Two or three letters of recommendation highlighting your commitment to public health. The MD/MPH office will use the letters of recommendation from your SOM application file. You may (but are not required to) submit additional letters of recommendation that focus on your public health interests or experiences and provide additional information about you. You may submit additional letters of recommendation to the following address:
Adam Maese, MSDirectorMD/MPH Combined Degree ProgramTulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine1440 Canal St., Ste. 2430, #8301New Orleans, LA 70112

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