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“I almost could.
I could almost leave and never look back.
Like Mr. Bender, I could leave everything I was behind, including my name.
Leave because of Allys
and all the things she says I am.
Leave because of all the things I am afraid that I will never be again.
Leave, because maybe I’m not enough.
Leave because of Allys, Senator Harris, and half the world knows better than Father and Mother and maybe Ethan, too.
Because the old Jenna was so absorbed in her own needs
that she said yes when she knows she should have said no,
and the shame of night
could be hidden in a new place behind a new name.
But friends are complicated.
There is the staying.
Staying because of Kara and Locke and all that they will never
be except trapped.
Staying because for them, time is running out and I am their
their last chance.
Staying for the old Jenna and all she owes Kara and Locke and maybe all the new Jenna owes them, too.
Staying because of ten percent and all I hope I might be.
Staying because of Mr. Bender’s erased life and regrets.
Staying for connection.
Staying because two me
is enough to make one of me
worth nothing at all.
And staying because maybe Lily does love the new Jenna
as much as the old one, after all.
Because maybe, given time, people do change,
maybe laws change.
Maybe we all change.”
― Mary E. Pearson, The Adoration of Jenna Fox


Choice through Lily (pg 106 - 133) Summary

In "Choice," Jenna reveals that her time in a coma was hell, as she could hear, but not respond,. In "Message," Jenna and Lily argue about Lily's stopping of Jenna's kissing session with Ethan. Jenna is furious, but Lily keeps pointing out it isn't right. When Jenna nearly crumbles, so hurt with not understanding, Lily leaves the room. "Mustard and Kisses" shows Jenna on her bed, wondering what to do about the situation, anguished. In "Jenna Fox / Year Sixteen", Jenna admits that what she sees on these disks is a girl under too much pressure who is constantly trying to live up to her parents' expectations. This film shows Jenna and Claire arguing as Jenna wants to quit ballet, as she is five foot nine, and too tall. Claire merely tells her there are companies...

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