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First Grade Spelling Homework Ideas 6th

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 Spelling Homework Ideas

Need some ideas for spelling homework? Check out the gigantic list below of great ideas! You'll find the first 20 ideas here, and the remaining ones here. Each idea can be used with any list of weekly spelling words. Choose the ones that work best for your grade level. Vary the activities frequently.

Note: You might also want to consider our new AnyWord Spelling Practice eBooks. They are full of ideas for lots of spelling practice with any spelling words. The 3 eBooks provide practice with creative writing, word play, and partner games. Check them out!

Printable List of Spelling Homework Ideas

1. Write each word 5 times, using a different color each time.

2. Type your spelling words 10 times, using a different font each time.

3. Create a comic strip. Add captions that use 5 of your words.

4. Write the words in ABC order.

5. Write the words in reverse ABC order.

6. Write a TV ad for a product that uses 5 of your spelling words.

7. Find each word in the dictionary. Copy a definition for each one.

8. Cut each spelling word out of a newspaper or magazine. Glue all the words on a piece of paper.

9. Write a sentence for each spelling word, but leave out the spelling words. List all the words on the page. Ask a family member to add the correct spelling word to each sentence.

Remember: Spelling homework not only prompts students to practice their spelling words. It can also help engage family members in the learning process.

10. Find each word in the dictionary. Write the page number on which it appears and the guide words at the top of the page.

11. Write each word in a sentence. Make pictures for 3 sentences.

12. Write your spelling words. Add a rhyming word next to each one.

13. Write a story that uses 10 spelling words. Remember: Spelling homework not only prompts students to practice their spelling words. It can also help get family members involved in the learning process.

14. Scramble each spelling word. Have a family member unscramble the words and sign your paper.

15. Spell your words with alphabet pasta. Glue them onto paper.

16. Cut out paper letters for half of the words and glue onto paper.

17. Make a word search puzzle in which you hide all of your spelling words. Give it to a family member to solve and sign.

18. For a different type of word search, draw a Boggle-type game board. Make sure it contains at least 5 of your spelling words. See if a family member can find the spelling words.

19.  Make two copies of your spelling words on index cards. Use the cards to play a memory or "Concentration" game with a family member.

20. Write each word forwards and backwards.

Find our next 20 ideas here.

Ideas for using our list:

At the beginning of the week, give students a written list of 5 of these  ideas. Ask them to complete them in any order throughout the week.

Or, make a monthly spelling calendar. Write a different idea on the calendar for each school day in the month.

For more spelling homework ideas:

Need more ideas? See this list of 20 more homework ideas and/or our AnyWord Spelling Practice eBooks. 

Fun spelling practice ideas - Great ways for kids to help each other practice writing almost any spelling words. Time saver for you!

For additional spelling practice, try our spelling worksheets and spelling word games. 

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I need to admit something. I do not believe in homework. I think that my job is to push students to learn to their potential during the school day. Homework in my class consists of taking home what you didn't finish in class that day. I should also tell you that I only teach reading, language arts, and science. In reading I expect my students to read every night, but I don't really consider that homework. The only subject I make an exception for is spelling.

In fifth grade, we have little to no time in our school day to devote toward spelling. This saddens me, because I consider spelling to be an important life skill. Spelling and handwriting were two of my favorite subjects in elementary school, but today, they are almost extinct. I remember getting points taken off for not having perfectly formed cursive letters. Now, the only standard I have for handwriting is "Can I read it?"

While handwriting is no longer taught at all, spelling has become more of a student-directed skill. My students get their spelling words on Monday, and it is up to them to learn them by Friday. On Thursday they turn in their homework assignment for the week. It is called Creative Spelling Homework. I like this assignment because it gives students some choice. I have been doing this with my students for years, but I was inspired to revamp it after seeing this post on The Organized Classroom Blog. Here's a freebie if you are interested. How does everyone else do spelling instruction in the upper grades?

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